We ranked each major on the following criteria, with all factors weighted equally: Simply put, business majors study all the aspects that help organizations function.One of the reasons that this major is not particularly intimidating is because all organizations that rely on money — from government entities and large corporations to mom-and-pop local businesses with only a few employees — use many of the same business principles to succeed. A degree in business may also feel approachable because rather than specializing in a single aspect of the business world, such as marketing or accounting, students learn a little bit about many different specialties.This can prepare students for upper-level and executive positions where understanding the big picture is crucial to an organization's success.

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Not only that, but you don't have to major in something obscure or terrifying to accomplish your financial and professional goals.

The good news is that earning that type of salary is within the realm of possibility.

In case you're interested in potentially earning some serious dough without getting in over your head, we've compiled a list of the least intimidating majors to consider.

Methodology To create our list of the least intimidating degrees, we looked at four data points from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, based on a matching system that aligns degrees with related careers.

For the millennial generation that has grown up surrounded by computers and digital forms of data, understanding new technology may be more intuitive than it was for previous generations for whom computers are a recent arrival on the scene.

While this major was in the middle of the pack among the majors surveyed in terms of hours spent on homework, over 7 percent of students graduated with a 4.0 grade point average — the highest on our list.

Here are the other stats for majors in computer science, information science and computer support: While the field can be more competitive and the amount of effort required may be slightly more than for a business major, one thing's for certain — computers are here to stay.

Then not only is the major itself not intimidating, you're getting real-world experience that can make eventual employment in the field approachable too.

Once upon a time, computer science was considered one of the most intimidating majors possible. With computers becoming an increasingly important and commonplace feature in our everyday lives, understanding how they work is more vital than ever before.