But he's too old to take care of *some* things if you know what I mean, so that's why I'm on Craigslist.

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Quiz Guy says: "I had some doubts about meeting someone decent on Craigslist, but I thought I'd check it out.

The women4men section yielded nothing worth responding to.

First things first, what's your excuse for being here?

The post was interesting and I had to respond, but I have no intent in ever meeting you. I can't con anyone into going out with me in real life. I can't find anyone to go out with in real life, because every guy I have run into is the same, typical, sacramento-area asshat. I can't find anyone to go out with in real life because I am a pretentious twit. Our answer is: To make fun of you and others like you.

And you will wait, and like it, because that is just the beginning of my high maintenance regime.

None, I live in a place with a totalitarian management regime that prohibits any animal companionship.

Because I have possible underlying insecurity issues.

In fact, once we do meet, I will enthusiastically announce to everyone this is where we met!

gotta have SOME way to compensate for my mediocre work performance.

(and yes, I am better than you for it.) Our answer is: c.

Still in school, but have a job, thus I have no time to actually hang out with you. Still in school, have a job, and still have time to hang out with you because hey, who needs sleep?