Christ’s analogy applies to marriage just as much as to houses.Let’s compare these two building approaches more closely.

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He never pondered the unfailing truth that seasons change, that the wind and rain will eventually come.

And when they burst against that house, it fell, and great was its fall Like a house with a sandy foundation, a relationship that is not founded upon God’s five fundamental principles of scriptural romance (piety, patriarchy, purity, preparedness and patience) will often collapse in divorce when the relational storms come – and they always do!

But like the betrothal approach to marriage, the wise man built his house to last a lifetime. So when the wind and rain burst against that house, it did not fall, for it had been founded upon the rock Two builders: foolish and wise; two foundations: sand and rock; two outcomes: destruction and stability.

That very practical question may be on your mind too, particularly after reading all that has been said in the prior chapters.

If you have embraced God’s principles for romance (Chapter 1), renounced worldly dating (Chapter 2), prepared your children for betrothal (Chapter 3), and understood biblical guidance (Chapter 4), then you are ready to explore the actual practice of biblical courtship and betrothal, the constructing of a godly marriage.

In Jesus’ graphic parable of the Two Houses in Matthew -27, our Lord compares the Christian life with two ways of building a house: one upon shifting sand (man’s ways), the other upon solid rock (Christ’s ways).

Consider how this applies to constructing a marriage through dating versus betrothal.

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