Ever since Michael Sam made his sexuality public knowledge, (notice I didn’t say “Came Out of the Closet”), Gay men and Black women were clamoring to know who is he dating or is he in a relationship.Then the “selfie” came out and gay Black men let out a disappointed; “Aww damn. One question then lit up the internet “Why is it when these Black athletes come out of the closet they got to hook up with White men? Gay dudes make it sound like a gay Black athlete comes out of the closet every third Wednesday.” I feel like this is spillage from the notion that once a Black male celebrity achieves a certain level of success; the next thing to do is obtain the ultimate status symbol. In recent months and years, there have been a total of four (4) professional non-White major league athletes to publicly open up about their homosexuality; Orlando Cruz, Jason Collins, Darren Young and Michael Sam.

Michael stated himself that he once dated a swimmer at one point while attending the University of Missouri but has not made any statements on his current personal love interests.

So out of the four professional athletes of color, two are dating or married to men of Latino descent, one was engaged to a White woman and another may have dated a White dude. Now admittedly Orlando Cruz’s husband does look Caucasian in appearance and let’s not pretend there is not prejudice and racism in Latin America.

You will be hard pressed to find a brown or dark complexion person/s on Telemundo.

Once it was rumored that Michael Sam was (based on an unexplained picture) dating a White guy and all of a sudden Black gay men turned into Black women at beauty salons on a Saturday afternoon with a similar narrative to match.

“Aint no good gay Black men out here; If they are they like them White mens”.

Are the speculations around these athletes really the issue?When discussing this topic, many Black gay men state the problem is that there is not more examples of positive Black love, heterosexual or homosexual in mass media.Jason Collins was in a relationship with a White woman for about 7+ years.Darren Young is in a long term relationship with Nick Villa who is of Latino descent but what about the White man in the selfie with Michael Sam?He is Sean Smith of Illinois but keep in mind it was rumored that he was his boyfriend or that they once dated.By all accounts there is no proof that they’re currently together.