After that she pursued her Masters in Bio-medical Science and attended medical school at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. I went it with a highly sensitive issue that I was both nervous and embarrassed about - and had been to doctors in the past that shown zero empathy, so I was terrified to try another. It took maybe 30 mins to be seen by her, however it was my first time here so I understand that there is more paper work to be filled in so I do not see this as a negative.

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**We would appreciate if all patients filled out "Check In" forms prior to appointments. The wait time was a little long but this was mainly due to the fact I was a first time patient and Dr Sahani had not received my paperwork. When going over my medical history, her tone of voice felt condescending - like she was judging everything I said. Impossible to get my prescriptions sent to my pharmacy in a timely manner.

This will help to expedite waiting room times** Dr. Dr Sahani was courteous and apologetic over the wait. First appointment- was skipped over in second "level" of waiting room. Appointment making was a nightmare- I would call to cancel and reschedule, yet I would still receive txts and voicemails confirming that appointment.

Parita Sahani has recently joined our practice in 2014. Dr Parita Sahani and her assistant Shelly were amazing!

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University where she did her major in Biology and a minor in Physics. She couldn't have been more helpful or understanding. She even followed up with a phone call a few days later to see how I had been doing. She gave very good advice on any questions that I had and was very professional and friendly.

Add about GBP 12.00 to your expenses for a day pass if you intend to use this site as a home base for visiting London. Didn't feel uncomfortable there on a summer evening, but might be more intimidating at night.

Good connection by DLR to city centre (though watch out for train cancellation) Overall yet another great stay! Double bed practically fits the room, but it's workable. Did not run well the day I did this, but if it does, it's an easy trip.

This has become our favourite hotel when visiting London. Small, european style room that is very well appointed with full bathroom (i.e., there *is* a shower stall, so not totally european style), fully equipped kitchen area (stove top, fridge, sink, coffee maker, toaster, plates and cutlery, etc.). Don't forget to scan in with your Oyster card when you get on the DLR. DLR can take you right to Bank to be in the middle of London transport.

She loves dancing and enjoys being part of a dance troop that raises money for various charities. People in the office does not follow-up with the patient.

Previous gyns that I've been to in the past were not so considerate. Dr Sahani made me feel completely at ease, gave inpartial advice and went above and beyond to ensure that I was able to see someone else that I needed to by finding a break in their schedule so I didn't have to return to the clinic another time. Then instead of apologizing for the wait, she apologized because her food might have had a strong smell.

Sahani took the time to talk to me and made sure I understood everything.

I have never felt so lost in a doctor's office.