Our school is licensed by the State of Texas and ALL the instructors are TEA certified. Many years later, the original design was modified for distribution on the Web. Although the design is for a global general hypertext system, the justification for the initial project was the CERN environment and this may be evident in some places.

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Feel free to quote, but reproduction of this material in any form of storage, paper, etc is forbidden without the express written permission of the author. Analyzes the historical factors that have shaped the structures, practices, and products of mass media industries, and assesses contemporary trends in media-society relations.

Intellectual property rights in this material may be be held by the author, CERN and/or MIT. Writing & Editing : Basic language skills to media writing and editing.

Media News Sources: Grammar, factual ac curacy, clarity, conciseness, media styles, fairness, human interest, and writing to length and deadline.

A summary of the uses of hypertext systems is followed by a list of features which may or may not be available.

Some of the points appear in the Comms ACM July 88 articles on various hypertext systems. Tentative answers to some design decisions from the CERN perspective are included.

Here are the criteria and features to be considered: [Disclaimer and Copyright - This information is provided in good faith but no warranty can be made for its accuracy.

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