Instead of a modicum of self-awareness, these guys complain endlessly that women only like good looking men.Isn't it a tad hypocritical for Pua Hate posters, who seemingly think they deserve a bevy of beautiful ladies ready to have sex with them on command at all times, to criticize women who date attractive guys?

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Click on "Get Instant Access" and you'll find yourself amongst, as one Pua Hate poster puts it, "thousands of ex pua students that payed the $ , learned and practiced the materials, and got no results based on said materials." Results, apparently, would entail mass quantities of sexy women lining up to bone him and his ilk, regardless of the fact that they spend all of their time ranting and raving on a misogynistic website.

We browsed the forums for a few hours and failed to find one user who wondered whether women are unfairly targeted (as well as stereotyped, pigeonholed, and marketed) by the seduction community. On their predominately male, heterosexual planet it's the poor, gullible men who are the true victims, and the Pua Hate forums are an outlet where they're free to break down reasons why particular PUAs are the "ultimate scammers" who "hardly ever get laid and when they do it is with average to below average girls," review boot camps, detail legal issues ( Pua Hate is "basically a women/seduction-based 4chan with usernames and individuality," according to one user.

There are over 8,200 registered members, but you don't have to be one to read their posts, and the PUA Twitter account has over 10,000 followers.

The purpose behind the website — to reveal the scams and deceptive marketing techniques used by the "Dating Gurus" — is not one without any merit.

The PUA community at large is sketchy in and of itself.

But it's hard to feel bad for guys who are so upset that they couldn't pay money to learn how to attract women that they take it out on their "targets" rather than the scammers themselves; a large amount of threads revolve around how unfair it is that men to resort to Pick Up Artists to get a girl to notice them. So, to sum up: women can be DEAD and get laid more than an average looking male," wrote another.

"A HB5 [hot babe whose hotness is a 5 out of 10] with gonorrhea is still higher value than a male 9 in western society," complained one poster. "Honestly I don't know what to do- set up a male model's profile and lure out stinky bitches to educate and purify, or set up a fake stupid cunt ugly profile and lure out all the losers men who message me to say how beautiful I am and how much they would love for me to become their princess," wondered yet another.

But at its core, Pua Hate members don't hate the game, "just the BS and hype and fluff that goes with it." As one poster explains, "I would just like to get to the point where I can bang a girl whenever I want ie 5 times a week." Is that so much to ask for?

One man had a revolutionary idea: "i encourage everyone on PUAHATE to do up dating profiles of really fat/hideous/physically deformed/mentally challenged females and prove to themselves that all a woman needs to attract top quality males is a pair of tits an a cunt," he suggested.

But why are men like him on Pua Hate in the first place?

Because they're angry and unaware that it's their inability to see women as anything than "a pair of tits and a cunt" is what's impeding their ability to actually meet and charm women.