Stevie left the Hamptons shortly after Jack was born, and Carl got married to another woman.Carl and this wife had a son named Declan and Jack believed he and Declan shared the same mother.

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With intimate knowledge of Emily's former life as the little girl he knew as Amanda Clarke, Jack’s growing interest in the strangely familiar new girl could throw a serious wrench into Emily’s carefully crafted plans.

In "Pilot" Jack was planning to go to Haiti, and was teaching his brother to work in the bar.

Nolan visited him to buy his boat, The Amanda, but Jack refused.

Carl Porter (father; deceased) † Stevie Grayson (biological mother) MRS POTER (step-mother) Conrad Grayson (ex-step-father; deceased) † Unnamed ex-father-in-law † Unnamed ex-mother-in-law † David Clarke (father-in-Law; deceased) † Kara Wallace (mother-in-law) Jack Porter is Declan Porter's half-brother and legal guardian and also a childhood friend of Amanda Clarke.

Jack is one of the two men Emily has genuine feelings for, the other being Aiden, and Jack holds feelings for Emily in return.

In the season 2 finale, "Truth, Part 2", he finds out Emily's real identity not long after his brother dies.

Jack was born from an affair between Carl Porter and Stevie Grayson.

Though he is loyal to the core, Jack has always had aspirations of escape—nomadic dreams of sailing around the world and carving out an adventure of his own, but dedication to his hard-luck family has always conspired to keep him landlocked.

In the beginning of the series, he planned to go Haiti to do volunteer work in the aftermath of the earthquake. When fate (and a yellow Labrador) brings Emily Thorne into his life, Jack is unable to shake a déjà vu-like connection to her.

Due to Emily being put in foster care and not being able to care for Sammy.

He was passed down the ownership of Emily's childhood dog, Sammy until his death.