At 55", the 4K doesn't really make a noticeable difference, and we were more than happy to compromise on the size to get this tv. With the scissor wall mount, I can change the viewing angle and the curve allows it to be more accommodating.Also, the neutral color of the back of the TV blends much better with my decor then a black TV ever would! We were shopping for a while for LCD TVs, and were always unhappy with some feature or other: side angle view, judder, soap opera effect.

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The 55 inch not 4k version price was above our budget but we liked it so much we decided to splurge and we are very happy with our choice.

The lack of 4k is more than offset by the picture quality.

love being able to watch from the side, amazed that the reflective screen when off becomes mostly noreflective when on.

Netflix Recommended TV is an evaluation program recognizing TVs that offer better performance, easier app access, and new features that make for a better smart TV.

When you see the Netflix Recommended TV logo, it means the TV has passed rigorous evaluation process based on criteria that Netflix members care about the most.

Earning the ENERGY STARĀ® means a product meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

ENERGY STARĀ® certified televisions are on average, over 24 percent more energy efficient than conventional models, saving energy in all usage modes: sleep, idle and on. Easy to operate and out of the box calibration is excellent.

I purchased this tv in May and I am totally happy with it. In addition, the Smart TV allows me to get the NETFLIX movie package and I enjoy watching a program without commercial interuptions. I have not touched the settings, other than to turn off the Energy Saving mode.

Standard mode does a great job with Dish Network and streaming apps.

So glad the Best Buy salesperson showed us this tv.

We thought all OLED's were out of our price range, but this one was exactly what we were going spend on a larger entry level LG led. In addition to the awsome picture quality, I found that I have really enjoyed the curved screen more then I would have imagined.