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GURUINVEST - guruinvest.biz

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New project: GURUINVEST - guruinvest.biz


Who We Are?

GURUINVEST operates in the international financial market under its own investment scheme, which involves finding the most promising start-up projects in the initial stages of development and financing them until the peak returns are reached. Our profit is formed by the difference between the initial invested capital and the funds obtained as a result of the profitable sale of shares of the stable and developed company.

What duties do our representatives assume? The Analytical Department collects information about new start-ups in the market, after which professional financiers, economists, marketers, and personnel of related specialties start to the subject analysis and forecast the future success of the projects of interest.

The main criteria of selection are demand for the supply, economic profitability, and competitiveness on the market. We participate in the IPO of large prospective companies, as well as in closed pre-sale of shares of companies that go on IPO. Then, after the start-up, we give the creators full support in developing their ideas to increase consumer demand for the product/services.

In most cases, our profit from start-ups is calculated by thousands of percent, as a result of small initial investments and determination of the best moments for selling shares at the highest value.

The investment portfolio is formed with the involvement of several financial sources. First of all, it is the company’s own capital GURUINVEST, then — partnership investments.

Recently, we have opened a third direction for private investment. Investing from a large number of individuals from all corners of the world takes place through a single web site and is combined into a single pool. Our site provides investors with all necessary functionality for the operations of input and withdrawal of funds, allows to control.

Added NORMAL listing at :  Mar 24th, 2020



105-140% after 1 day, 125-320% after 4 days, 170-700% after 8 days, 400-1150% after 12 days, 900-1800% after 15 days, 1500-3000% after 21 days, 2000-5100% after 40 days, 5000-8650% after 60 days, 2000% after 5 days, 3400% after 10 days, 7700% after 20 day

Minimal Spend:  10$
Maximal Spend: 10,000$

-We accept: Perfect Money / Payeer / Bitcoin 
-Dedicated DDoS protected Server
-Hosting provider: Genius Security Ltd

geniusguard.com(ValidTo: 2037-01-05)
IP : Nameservers :
Hoster : Genius Security Ltd NS1.EASY-GEO-DNS.COM (
Registrar : NEULEVEL
Created : 2000-02-28
Updated :
Expires :

-Referral commission: 5%
-Instant Withdraw
-License GC

Check GoldCoders' HYIP Manager License
guruinvest.biz - Licensed

Link to view and register ==>>>

Our investment:


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$ 100 lifetime insurance for this program!

GURUINVEST - guruinvest.biz
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