Rating of clumping cat litter: manufacturers, composition, application features, reviews

Classification of fillers

With the right choice, you can achieve the following advantages: the pet will not spread feces on its paws throughout the apartment, and the smell will be securely hidden inside the granules. All fillers are classified according to the following criteria:

  • Absorption method: clumping and absorbent. In the first case, when moisture gets in, a lump is formed, which is thrown out, and in the second, moisture turns it into a loose mass.
  • A composition that may contain silica gel - a synthetic material, minerals - clay, zeolite, flask and pressed materials - sawdust or grain waste.
  • The size of the granules: small - from 1 to 2 mm, medium 2-6 mm and large from 6 to 10 mm.
  • Weight of granules: light, medium and heavy.
  • Additional properties: presence or absence of fragrances, ability to decompose, antibacterial properties, odor control, possibility of use for special breeds of cats.

It is common for one litter to combine several characteristics, for example, Cat's Best clumping cat litter is biodegradable and consists of compressed sawdust.

Additional production options

But that's not all the benefits! The fact is that wood pellets for fillers can be used in a completely different capacity. So, if you use larger presses to mold them, they can be packaged and sold as fuel for barbecues and fireplaces.

On the contrary, if you crush sawdust (necessarily hardwood) to the finest possible consistency, then the granules are widely accepted among gardeners as an excellent means for improving the mechanical properties of the soil.

Generally speaking, in large cities these issues need to be thought through in advance, since competition can be quite intense, and therefore other types of products will help maintain profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of clumping filler

Due to their unique composition, such fillers are capable of turning into a solid lump when liquid gets on them. The lumps are subsequently easily removed, while the remaining mass does not need to be replaced; you only need to slightly supplement the contents of the tray.

Bentonite clays or sawdust are usually used as raw materials. Bentonite undergoes special treatment, as a result of which the hygroscopicity of the material increases. The appearance of the filler sometimes resembles sand or porous granules of various sizes. The advantages of clumping cat litter include:

  • Natural – made on the basis of natural ingredients that do not cause allergic reactions in pets and are completely safe for animals.
  • Economical - when cat urine gets into the contents of the tray, only the formed solid lumps are thrown out, and the rest of the filler does not need to be changed. It can last for several more days without producing an unpleasant odor.
  • Convenient to use - no liquid forms in the tray, so the contents are always dry. Cleaning is simple and pleasant.

Even with a high rating, clumping cat litters can have disadvantages:

  • Inconvenient to use when keeping several cats in an apartment. The lumps do not have time to set, and pets spread them throughout the room.
  • Inconvenient for disposal. Used litter must be disposed of in trash containers.

Rules for use and disposal

When using clumping litters, manufacturers recommend following the following rules:

  • Filler about 7 cm thick is poured into a well-washed and dry tray. To fill an average-sized cat litter box, you will need about five kilograms.
  • The contents of the tray must be sifted daily to remove solid waste and then dispose of it.
  • After cleaning, the tray is filled to its original volume. Regardless of the rating of clumping cat litter, a complete replacement is carried out a month after the start of use.

We should not forget that this type of filler is disposed of only in a container; it is not recommended to flush it down the drain.


Is it necessary to hire employees for such production? If you are focusing on large volumes of manufactured goods, then it is advisable to hire 2 people. Since no special skills or knowledge are required here, it is enough to find unqualified specialists and pay the minimum wage.

Separately decide whether you need an accountant and a sales manager. Typically, such functions are performed by the entrepreneur himself. But if you don’t have enough necessary knowledge, you can hire such personnel separately. Accounting is often outsourced, which significantly reduces labor costs.

Choosing clumping litter

Choosing cat litter is not as easy a task as it seems. A large number of domestic and foreign companies engaged in the production and distribution of clumping sorbents have filled the market with a variety of products.

Therefore, it is recommended to look at products from well-known companies that guarantee high quality and environmental friendliness. You need to be careful when choosing fillers with various aromatic additives. An unusual smell can scare your pet away from the litter box. Cat Step clumping cat litters are considered the best. They are made on the basis of bentonite, are hypoallergenic, have antibacterial properties, provide excellent odor protection, and are packaged in 5 and 6 kg packs. Well suited for litter box training for small kittens. If the animal likes to dig, then the filler will always be scattered near the tray. In this case, it is better to purchase a toilet in the form of a house or place the tray on an artificial grass mat so that the filler particles are retained in the pile.

Technological process

Let us briefly describe how the creation of an organic filler occurs:

  1. Pre-dry granules, shavings, sawdust or other raw materials.
  2. Then additional drying is carried out to achieve a moisture level of the material not exceeding 10%.
  3. The raw materials are crushed using a hammer crusher.
  4. Steam is passed through it to moisten it, causing the substance to stick together.
  5. Next you need to process it with a press.
  6. Cool the products.
  7. Sift and pack into containers of 5, 10, 15 and 30 kg.

Typically, simple Zip Lock bags are purchased for packaging and a label with the company logo is printed separately.

Wood fillers

Wood litter for cat litter boxes are considered classic. Over time, technology has undergone significant changes, and in addition to absorbent materials, manufacturers began to produce wood clumping litters for cat litter. If cats are allergic to the smell of pine needles, you can find hygienic litters made of beech and oak on sale. Clumping wood fillers have the following advantages:

  • The environmentally friendly base has natural antiseptic and absorbent properties.
  • Natural aroma. The resins contained in the composition neutralize unpleasant odors.
  • Dispose of into compost and sewer.
  • Availability. Reasonable price, convenient packaging of different volumes.
  • Possibility of use for all ages.

According to consumer reviews, clumping cat litter has the following disadvantages:

  • frequent replacement of tray contents;
  • quick soaking;
  • poor neutralization of odors.

Wood clumping granules are poured directly into the tray. The layer size depends on the specific manufacturer. Lumps are removed with a special scoop, after which granules are added to the original volume. Their complete replacement is carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Range of wood fillers

Below is a rating of clumping wood litter for cat litter; from the brands presented, you can always choose the right one.

  1. Pretty cat is one of the best wood fillers. Manufactured in Russia using Finnish technologies. Only dried pine is used for raw materials. The natural scent lasts for a very long time.
  2. Cat's Best is environmentally friendly, made from fir sawdust. The filler is biodegradable, can be washed down the drain, provides excellent odor protection, has a pleasant aroma, and is available in various packaging.
  3. Clean Cat is not inferior in quality to Cat's Best, but at a much lower price. When poured into the tray, it does not generate dust, retains a pleasant aroma for a long time, looks aesthetically pleasing, clumps well, cats are happy to visit the tray.
  4. “Happy Paws” is a litter from a Russian manufacturer, consists of wood pellets, has an antibacterial effect, retains odor well, is washed down the drain, and has a reasonable price.

When choosing a litter, special attention should be paid to the preferences of the animal so that it enjoys visiting the tray.

How much do you need to invest?

The initial investment for equipment, workshop rental, purchase of raw materials for production, Zip lock bags, advertising will amount to about 2 million rubles. But despite the low cost of products, profitability indicators are quite high.

One kilogram of cat litter costs about 100-200 rubles. Taking into account all costs, the profit per kilogram will be approximately 35 rubles. When purchasing wood pellets directly from the manufacturer, the production profitability will be 100-150%.

Filler rating

The ranking of the best clumping cat litters is as follows:

  • Even Clean is a very high quality filler from an American company and occupies one of the first places in the world market. Creates maximum comfort for pets and owners. It has a unique ability to absorb, is economical, one package lasts for two months.

  • Fresh Step - manufactured by the American company Clorox, is presented on the market with clay and silica gel fillers. They are practical, comfortable and very popular all over the world.
  • Extreme Classic - manufactured by a Canadian company. The quality is not inferior to Even Clean, but has more modest packaging and therefore a slightly lower cost.
  • "Kotyara: Magic Balls" - a domestic manufacturer. Perfect for those who use silica gel fillers. It has special resistance to destruction upon contact with moisture, is free from dust, absorbs odors well, is economical to use, and conveniently packaged.
  • Pi-Pi-Bent – ​​made in Russia based on bentonite. Maintains comfort and cleanliness in the house. Many pets enjoy visiting a tray with environmentally friendly bentonite clay. Fillers are also available with pleasant aromas.

Which clumping cat litter to choose depends on the owners and the fluffiest pet. By comparing all the characteristics, you can choose the one that suits you in terms of price and quality.

Clumping filler "Zoonik"

is one of the largest manufacturers of pet accessories and cat litter. In 2000, the trademark “Zoonik” was registered, under which more than 1000 types of high-quality products are produced. One of which is “Zoonik” clumping cat litter. Using advanced technologies and the best European experience, the company produces high-quality and competitive Zoonic fillers. The basis is an environmentally friendly mineral product - bentonite clay. The filler does not generate dust or crumble when used, so the animal’s paws remain clean, as does the floor around the tray. Possessing high hygroscopicity, the filler absorbs odor well. Lumps that form when moisture is absorbed can be easily removed with a special scoop. The filler is economical, it does not need to be replaced daily, you just need to add it to the required volume. The price is quite reasonable.

Business benefits

Creating such a project is profitable because:

  • Organic filler is very cheap and available to almost all customers.
  • The raw materials for its production are easy to find, and the cost of production is quite low.
  • Relatively small starting capital is required.
  • Profitability is estimated at 100-150%, which looks very attractive.
  • No special knowledge or training in production is required.
  • When opening a company and completing paperwork, no additional product certification is required, and regulatory authorities rarely inspect such a workshop.
  • You can simultaneously produce other goods from the same raw materials, which will significantly expand the range and increase profits.

Katty filler

Katty clumping cat litter is produced in the city of Bryansk by Glinopererabotka LLC, which is a large Russian manufacturer of high-quality cat litter. For production, we use an environmentally friendly product - bentonite clay, which is mined from our own deposits. The company sells litter under the brands Kotyara, Sea Sea Cat, Pi-Pi-Bent and Kotoff.

Clumping filler forms lumps very well, which set quickly and are easy to remove. In addition, odors are quickly absorbed. The cats' litter box looks clean and pleasant. Regular customers note in their reviews that sometimes they come across fillers from another manufacturer with the same name, which are significantly inferior in quality. Therefore, you need to be careful when purchasing.

Tips for beginners

To avoid spending too much money at the start and quickly achieve full payback, you can try the following:

  1. Find a permanent supplier of raw materials closer to your workshop. So, delivery will be cheaper.
  2. By working in several shifts and maximizing the range of products produced, you can achieve high profits.
  3. Try to sell fillers not only through large chains and stores, but also find access directly to consumers.
  4. By purchasing used equipment, you will significantly reduce costs and only purchase newer ones over time.

Clumping fillers "Kat"

Consider the following clumping cat litter “Kat”:

  • “Pussy-Kat” is produced in Russia using all the latest developments and sanitary standards. Created on the basis of bentonite clay and the natural mineral zeolite. It does not stick to the fur and paws of the animal, does not spread around the apartment, is easy to care for and is hygienic.
  • “Sea Sea Cat” is a Russian filler in Bryansk. It is made from natural raw materials – blue clay, which is used for medicinal purposes. The product is environmentally friendly, clumps well, does not produce an unpleasant odor, and is easy to use.
  • "Pretty Kat" is made from the best mixtures of bentonite clays. It clumps well into perfectly even balls, perfectly absorbs liquid, eliminates odors, and does not generate dust. The filler is antibacterial, and the small size of the granules is suitable for the delicate paws of kittens.

All litters are easy to use, and to make sure they suit your cat, you need to try which one she likes best.

Clumping cat litter, reviews

Here are some reviews about clumping litters:

  • Even Clean. The filler has a pleasant fresh aroma that does not disappear within a month. Lumps must be removed daily and topped up once a week. Even after a month of use, the contents of the tray look decent and do not emit an unpleasant odor. Reviews note that this is the best cat litter, but also the most expensive.
  • Extreme Classic. Many people like that the light, almost white powder copes well with odors, spreading a light aroma. The filler does not generate dust, clumps well, and is economical, since it does not require complete replacement for a long time. It does not stick to the animal’s dry paws, so the area around the tray is always clean. The requirements of consumers are fully satisfied.
  • "Zoonik". Everyone notes the reasonable price, lack of odor and environmental friendliness, but at the same time, reviews talk about instability of quality. In some packages the contents are completely satisfactory to users, in others the lumps become loose when wet and crumble when cleaned.

  • "Pretty Kat." In general, consumers respond positively: they note good clumping, lack of odor and dust, and ease of emptying the tray. There are dissatisfaction with the packaging of the product. Some people don't like the position of the zip-lock, as it makes it difficult to spill the contents from the bag.

Fillers make the life together of people and animals much more comfortable. They eliminate unpleasant odors and make cleaning easier. In addition, the cat uses the litter tray to determine where to go to the toilet. This article and the ratings of clumping cat litter presented in it will help you in choosing a litter.

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