Why can’t cats be cut and how long does the fur of long-haired cats grow?
In general, cats have many things that make people fall in love with them: soft paws,
Sores, scabs in cats - causes and treatment of skin diseases
Alena Igorevna Goncharenko veterinarian Petstory Skin diseases in cats occur in veterinary practice
Feeding rate
Too fat cat: causes of excess weight and tips for caring for your pet
Overweight in pets is a common problem that owners tend to underestimate. on her
Causes of various types of vaginal discharge in cats
Bad-smelling blood discharge from the cat’s genitals indicates the progression of diseases in
Ball under the skin of a cat
Education under the skin of a cat: how dangerous it is and what to do?
The appearance of subcutaneous lumps on the body of a pet is an alarming sign that requires mandatory diagnosis.
Bald patches in a cat: how to distinguish normal from pathology?
10423Administration 1 Bald patches over the eyes in cats occur as a result of allergies, fleas or ticks,
Cat with long mustache
Why can’t cats have their whiskers trimmed? What happens if you trim them? Why does a cat need them?
Long, stiff whiskers give the cat a sense of dignity, and for the owner they become another reason to be proud of his
Early castration of kittens! An article especially for those who live in the last century!
Early castration of cats has a lot of conflicting information about the consequences of the operation. On some forums it is recommended
A cat has a black spot on its nose - 5 causes of dark spots
If black dots appear on a cat’s nose, owners should not immediately worry.
pyometra in cats
Pyometra in dogs and cats – a death sentence for the manufacturer?
July 17, 2020 Pyometra - purulent inflammation of the uterus - one of the most common
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